Products & Solutions

  • End-of-life care

    End-of-life care

    Within our end-of-life care range we supply a range of finished products including shrouds, stretcher pillows and body bags. The…

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  • Agricultural Grass Mats

    Agricultural Grass Mats

    We supply agricultural grass mats – these are rubber mats for grass reinforcement, muddy gateways and gravel containment. Hard-wearing and…

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  • Artificial Suede, Faux Suede or Suedette

    Artificial Suede, Faux Suede or Suedette

    We supply plain and printed artificial suede (also known as faux suede or suedette) with a range of options including…

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  • Calico


    We supply cotton calico and polyester/cotton-blend calico. It is available in a range of natural shades and with durably and…

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  • Disposable Workwear

    Disposable Workwear

    We can supply strong, disposable and durable workwear, such as hazmat suits, that are suitable for a range of uses…

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  • Disposable Healthcare Products

    Disposable Healthcare Products

    We supply a range of disposable healthcare products including disposable bedding, medical gowns, coveralls, face masks, caps, aprons, over-sleeves and…

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  • Felt and wadding

    Felt and wadding

    Textile Innovations supply felt and wadding in various specifications of fibre, colour, thickness, width, specific weight, drape and softness/hardness. Our…

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  • Garden Furniture

    Garden Furniture

    Garden Furniture is coming soon – for further information, contact us.

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  • Headboard Struts

    Headboard Struts

    We supply in bulk quantities a range of wooden headboard struts from sustainable hardwood sources. These are finished in a…

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  • Quilted Fabric

    Quilted Fabric

    We supply a range of quilted fabric for bulk purchase typically for use in the bedding, upholstery and clothing industries.…

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  • Promotional Bags

    Promotional Bags

    We supply a range of promotional bags for a variety of uses including shopping bags, grocery bags, carrier bags, tote…

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  • Rubber Mats

    Rubber Mats

    We supply natural rubber mats - these have particular use in dairies, stables and zoos. They are non-porous and designed…

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  • Sheet Rubber

    Sheet Rubber

    We supply sheet rubber for anti-fatigue, non-slip floor covering applications in vehicles and commercial buildings. Available in a range of…

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  • Spunbond Polypropylene and Polyester

    Spunbond Polypropylene and Polyester

    We supply spunbond polypropylene and polyester, which is a textile material that is composed of thermally bonded, continuous filaments in a…

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  • Stitchbond Polyester Fabric

    Stitchbond Polyester Fabric

    We supply printed or plain non-woven stitchbond polyester fabric. A stitchbond nonwoven fabric is manufactured on a weaving machine that bonds…

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  • Upholstery


    We supply various upholstery fabrics, including flat-woven and velvet-woven, in both jacquard and dobby designs, and knitted velvet. Typical Uses:…

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  • Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl Flooring

    We supply sheet vinyl , which is ideal for use as floor covering. The vinyl can be supplied in widths…

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  • Transparent Clear Flexible PVC

    Transparent Clear Flexible PVC

    We supply Transparent Clear PVC with a range of levels of flexibility and with a dusted finish or anti-blocking properties.…

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