Felt and wadding

Textile Innovations supply felt and wadding in various specifications of fibre, colour, thickness, width, specific weight, drape and softness/hardness.

Our product range includes acrylic felt, polyester felt, printable felt, wool felt and flame retardant felt barrier fabric.

All our felts and wadding materials are locally produced and available at short notice in medium-sized quantities.


Acrylic Felt

Available in approx. 50 metre rolls, locally manufactured to customer specifications.
Composition: 100% acrylic fibre
Weight: 190 gram/m2
Colours: 35 colours
Width: 1.50 metres
Roll Length: 50.0 metres
Thickness: 0.8 mm
Drape and Crinkle: Drapes well, and recovers from crinkle, flexible
Minimum Order: Depends on colour

Wool Felt

Manufactured with a combination of wool and viscose fibres, giving the luxurious appearance and handle of a wool blended felt.
Composition: 30% wool/70% viscose
Weight: 160 gram/m2
Colours: 70 colours
Width: 1.83 metres (72″)
Roll Length: 50.0 metres
Thickness: from 1.0 mm
Minimum Order: 500 m per colour
Also available with Flame Retardant application

Flame Retardant Interliner

Mechanically reinforced needle-punched felt on non-woven substrate.
Suitable for lining over foams, replacement for traditional cushion liners,
FR barrier fabric for mattresses, and railway carriage upholstery.
An ideal replacement for chemically FR treated cotton materials.
Composition: Blended Wool & FR Viscose staple fibres
Weight: 210 gram/m2
Colours: Natural
Width: up to 280cm (110″); typically 91cm, 137cm.
Roll Length: 50.0 metres
Thickness: from 1.0 mm
FR Spec: BS5852 CRIB 5  Minimum Order: 1 roll of 50 metres x 1.37m.
FR Spec: BS5852 CRIB 7  Minimum Order: 16 rolls of 30 metres x 1.37m.
Application: Flame Retardant Interliner, Fire Retardant Barrier Fabric

Polyester Felt

Polyester Fibre has several advantages over natural fibres in certain applications:
Polyester withstands temperatures to 250°C
Outstanding mildew resistance
Unaffected by age of material
Good chemical resistance including high tolerance to bleach
Typical Uses of Polyester Felts:
Automotive Soundproofing, Air and Liquid filters, Metal Cutting Fluid Filters, Transmission Filters, Impregnated Substrates, Coated Fabric Substrates, Seals, Wicks, Moisture Pads, Metal Wiping, Acid-resistant Pads.

Contact us to find out about the range of felt and wadding we can source for you.

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