Artificial Suede, Faux Suede or Suedette

We supply plain and printed artificial suede (also known as faux suede or suedette) with a range of options including flame retardant and water repellent.

This is a soft handle durable fabric which offers a more cost effective and animal friendly option to traditional suede. It also ages more consistently and uniformly and is easier to clean and care for than animal derived suede.

Our artificial suede is manufactured from 100% virgin polyester microfibre. Polyesters are essentially hardwearing chains of polymer molecules, which through a series of chemical reactions are bound together. Although more usually found in resins and plastics, they are also made into threads that can be woven to manufacture artificial suede.

The fibers used in the weaving process can be smaller than a human hair and are combined very densely to create a durable fabric, particularly useful for upholstery.

Artificial suede has many other diverse uses, these include:

Typical Uses:
Headboards and divan bases
Commercial and healthcare furniture upholstery - We also offer other upholstery fabrics  please click on the link to see more information
Conference cloth
Commercial and Domestic Curtains
Headlining materials and trims in buses and coaches
Clothing, accessories and footwear

100% Virgin Polyester Microfibre
Width: 150 – 200cm
Weight: 150-240gsm (gram/square metre)
Colours: to customer specification
Minimum order quantity: 600m per colour
Certified to BS 5852: Part 1: 1978 (Ignition by smoker’s materials), EC 95/28 and FMVSS 302

Contact us to find out about the range of artificial suede we can source for you.

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