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Chemical free flame retardants, are they available?

We look at the information and research around the use of flame retardants and what options are available for chemical free fire retardants. British furniture fire safety standards are acknowledged as being the highest in Europe but at what cost? Simply put, in order to achieve these standards, UK furniture is reported to contain more…
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What is SMS or spunbond meltblown spunbond?

Spunbond Meltblown Spunbond, commonly known as SMS is a tri laminate non woven fabric. It is made up of a top layer of spunbond polypropylene, a middle layer of meltblown polypropylene and a bottom layer of spunbond polypropylene. How is SMS manufactured? This fabric involves two components, spunbond polypropylene and melt blown polypropylene. In a…
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Are non woven processes impacting on textiles?

From disposable shoe covers to filtration materials and a whole host of unimaginable products in between, the non woven industry is big business. With the demand for non wovens in their current format continuing to grow at a rate of approximately 6% per year, global demand for this product is estimated to be over 12…
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Disposable Products – Why use them?

We are continually expanding our sales of disposable products due to our customer's requirements but what has prompted the swing towards single use items? Are we just a throw away society? In our fast paced consumer society where it has become in many cases cheaper to buy a new printer than replace the ink cartridges,…
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